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Welcome to Northwest Racer, your ultimate guide to the best in motorsport racing.

The founder of the magazine, Stephen Diamond, is a motorsport fanatic and amateur driver. He’s also an expert when it comes to the best in racing gear, equipment and motor parts. Stephen teamed up with a group of motorsport journalists, drivers and other professionals to create this magazine.

Whether you are a fan of motorsport, a professional driver, or would like to pursue a career in motorsport, Northwest Racer caters for all types of motorsport enthusiasts. Our dedication to bringing our readers the best in racing news, tips and advice are second to no other resource out there.

We’ve listed some of the things you can expect reading on Northwest Racer magazine below.


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Our team of professional motorsport journalists keep their ears to the ground and cover all the latest motorsport news. We cover all the big races in real-time so you don’t ever have to miss out on anything in the exciting world of motorsport.


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From the best car parts to top-rated gear and safety equipment, we cover it all. If you are a new driver, let us be your ultimate guide on the very best motorsport gear and equipment you need for a safe and successful race, every time.


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We are experienced professionals and know exactly what to look for in car parts, gear and equipment. You will find multiple reviews on our magazine that compare different products to ensure you make an informed decision when buying gear or equipment.


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If you are an avid motorsport fan, you’ll have all the statistics and data on the best drivers at your fingertips. Northwest Racer keeps a finger on the pulse of the exhilarating world of motorsport and will keep you informed on crucial driver information.

Our team of professionals are also available to answer any of your questions regarding the industry. Be sure to contact us if you would like to ask anything about the best gear or equipment for your next big race.

You can also subscribe to our online magazine to get all the latest news and reviews delivered to your inbox immediately. Welcome to our online community of petrol heads!